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Provided free-of-charge and with absolutely no additional software/hardware required, AutoTrader presents an attractive choice for many — particularly for those just getting started; whether they’re experienced in the markets or otherwise.

Once your account is established through our partnering broker, Autotrader can be setup as simply as by sending us an email. We take care of everything.

IMPORTANT: AutoTrader should not be confused with high-frequency/algorithmic trading. It simply offers the same strategy as the managed service; with trades automatically entered/exited on your account (no input/management required from the client).

A video excerpt from a recent live presentation, explaining autotrader:

Beyond the zero-cost, zero-setup, zero-maintenance aspects – clients opt for auto-trading for just some of the following reasons:

  • Zero delay in getting started, while learning the particulars of the strategy itself
  • Reduced learning-curve, from seeing trades in action on their own account, in real time
  • Automatic and precise risk and money management
  • Never miss a trade entry or exit – even the ones which occur late in the evenings
  • Enter and exit trades at optimal prices, according to the strategy at hand
  • Provides a low-entry (min. $1,000 deposit) way to experience certain benefits of the managed service, before depositing larger capital amounts

Unlike other, sometimes costly, cumbersome and unreliable setups, Investor Unity will handle the initial setup and system monitoring on your behalf.

Once your account is established with our preferred broker partner, auto-trading can be authorised as simply as sending us an email. 

Some further, key points:

  • Trades will be automatically entered into and exited from, with full risk management parameters, within your own fully separate account, according to our strategies
  • All trading activity can be viewed, in real-time, through your own platform/mobile (in addition to account statements) 
  • Investor Unity has no access to your account admin nor funds
  • Auto-trader clients still can themselves enter/exit/modify trades; full & unrestricted access is retained, as per self-directed (non-auto) clients
  • Auto-trader clients still receive access to education and signals, as per self-directed clients
  • Auto-trader clients receive the exact same low trading costs, as per self-directed clients
  • The auto-trader connection can be ceased, at any stage, simply by changing your platform password – or by notifying us 

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