Crossroads Strategy Overview

Crossroads is the broad name given to Investor Unity’s core strategy and its comprising principles.

It currently exists as the framework of IU’s various forms of investment and trading services:

  • Crossroads Global Majors – managed and auto
  • Crossroads Global Equities – managed and semi-managed
  • Crossroads Focus Signals – for the self-directed

Explaining the name itself goes some way to illustrating the methodology:

  • It employs both a top-down and a bottom-up approach, often finding opportunity where the two intersect/overlap
  • Both fundamentals and technicals are considered, to varying degrees, according to the market environment and the opportunity itself. Fundamentals are primarily used to determine market sentiment; technicals primarily to time entries, determine profit-targets and invalidation criteria, and risk versus reward
  • High-value opportunities are sought at intersections of key time and price zones; particular with confluence of short and longer-term entry criteria
  • Multiple timeframes are used to use to analyse market developments; long-term to determine sentiment and momentum, shorter term to determine and refine entries
  • Both trend following and market reversal opportunites are considered

And so the name Crossroads was chosen.

All of the above should be considered in light of Investor Unity’s default approach of conservativeness and defensiveness. Typical risk per trade is just 1%, with risk:reward ratios always considered and hard stop-losses always placed.

Risk-per-trade percentage can be tailored to the client’s preference, and adjusted at any stage by request, to be either more aggressive or more conservative than the default amounts. 

More in-depth details, performance reports etcetera are found within the Member’s site; freely accessible.

Its methods and principles are also taught through the Investor Unity Academy, for the sake of both providing additional transparency to managed clients, along with education to the self-directed.

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