Mini Course: Australian vs US equities

As the world becomes ever-increasingly globalised, and ever-increasingly connected through today’s technologies, there’s never been a more interesting time to consider globalising your investment portfolio.

And with the USA continuing to drive the global economic landscape, it naturally makes sense to start there. In fact, as we’ll discover throughout, a healthy blend of Australian and US shares may be all you'll ever need.

As always, clarity is key, and certain considerations need to be made. Begin below with this free, beginner-level mini course, as a stepping stone into a vastly broadened investment horizon.

Who this might be for:

▸ Managed clients
▸ Self-directed clients
▸ Beginner-level participants, of all styles
▸ Those simply looking to learn a bit more

This full-length live session will serve as the basis for the structured (free) mini-course of the same name, found in the Mintwell Academy.

Access below:

We hope to see you at the live-session and/or Mintwell Academy versions. Just let us know if further clarification is needed, as always.

Local Time:
29 Jun 2021 |
5:00 am - 6:00 am

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