If you haven’t already done so, the first step is to establish your IG account:

[button title=”Click here to access the IG Australia application” color=”blue” url=”https://go.ig.com/visit/?bta=37483&nci=7323″ target=”_blank” width=”quarter” el_class=”iu-blue”]

▸▸ Please note that you must apply via buttons/links on Investor Unity sites in order for IG to classify you as an IU client, and therefore qualify for the benefits we provide.

Once the IG account is established, an IG MT4 account can easily be created (as can transferring between existing accounts) by logging into your IG account backend portal: https://www.ig.com/au/myig/dashboard

1. Select ‘Create account’
2. Select ‘New MT4 account’

Steps 1 & 2 pictured:

Once the new account is set up (instant):

1. Click the three dots, to the right of the account name
2. Select ‘Transfer funds’
3. On the next page, simply select the ‘From account,’ the ‘To account’ and the amount to transfer

Steps 1 & 2 pictured:


For the Portfolio-Sync setup (www.IU.com.au/CAT)  – simply submit your IG Mt4 details below:

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