The Investor Unity Capital-Shield Rebate: A getting started offer

INVEST WITH maximum confidence

Whether the client is considering investing in a managed/auto service, trading for themselves – or perhaps a combination of both – Investor Unity’s Capital-Shield Rebate provides a way to get started with absolute maximum confidence and peace-of-mind.

While extremely unique, the concept is very simple:

Rather than focus too much upon demos and other time-wasting hypotheticals, we simply offer the opportunity to start with a nominal minimum deposit of $500 – which is completely covered (100%, up to $1500) for a full 60 days of real trading; with no minimum time commitment.

Click to access details and calculator:

The above is an example of the NET (live) historical performance, at varying (tailorable) risk levels, of the combined strategy portfolio, since inception, which acts as a single service (single client account). Past performance in not an assurance of future returns. Below is the strategy we are currently invested in (standard risk).

NOTE: An email recently was sent to clients, entailing the latest updates to the CGM+ service and the addition of a new strategy. This email can be viewed below.



With global markets exposed to various turmoils, both economical and political, the key for moving forward is clear: investors need to prepare, and be prepared to adapt.

With each passing day, and latest news-driven drama, it’s ever the more apparent.

Today I write this letter for:

▸ Existing managed clients
▸ Those who’d like to test the service, with 100% loss protection

The CGM+ strategy portfolio remains invested in its single primary strategy, chosen and held for its historical profitability and reliability.

Today I’m pleased to announce a new strategy addition, introduced precisely for the aforementioned purposes of adaptation and diversification.

Above and beyond a long history of live performance, the strategy has further succeeded in passing our (strict) vetting processes through having a fundamentally different approach to capturing market opportunities. It thereby meets our criteria for avoiding over-exposure to a single approach, and for diversification in general.

2019 results:
2019 results by individual market:
Results since inception, by individual market:
Beyond pure technical and fundamental analysis, the strategy analyses institutional liquidity systems for positive-order-flow, as a predictor of market momentum.
How to access:
If you have an existing managed/portfolio-sync account, there’s nothing you need to do. The strategies are already in place, with existing risk-allocation/loss-protection mechanisms and my own personal oversight.

If you would like to try the service, the Capital-Shield (loss-protection) rebate offer is available to you, for a minimal initial deposit to of our two (ASIC-regulated) partnering brokers.

Minimal initial deposit = $500 (standard rates)

25% lower rates = $1500 initial deposit
The Capital-Shield covers 100% of the above, including costs. Find out more and get started at:
Please do reach out for any clarification at all. We are here to help. Chat is available on the site, and my direct contacts are below.
All the best,
Adam La Vars
Investor Unity – Founder & Strategist
+612 8007 4440 | Skype: Investor.Unity
Level 36, Governor Phillip Tower. 1 Farrer place, Sydney, NSW 2000
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Capital Under Protection (up to):
$1,500 100%
Potential Profit:
Funds withdrawable, at any stage:
ALL 100%

There are absolutely no lock-in periods, nasty catches, nor high hoops to jump through.

Some basic rules apply:

  • This offer is provided on a strictly-limited intake basis
  • A new account (new client) must be opened with a preferred broker for this service
  • A deposit of $500 (AUD/equivalent) activates your service
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any stage, without restriction
  • Before any rebate is claimable, at least 20 trades must be completed (~3-6 weeks)
  • Only trades provided by Investor Unity are covered; no-one else’s
  • Self-directed clients don’t have to trade all recommendations, but;
  • Any trades taken must follow our entry/exit (price) instructions
  • Self-directed clients must risk no more than 3% of their account on a single trade (set automatically for Managed/Portfolio-Sync clients)
  • It is currently open only to residents of Australia and certain other countries at IU’s discretion, according to partner-broker conditions

It really is that simple.

At the end of the loss-protection period (if not before), you can simply decide where you wish to go from there.

Your choices will include:

  • Continue with your Portfolio-Sync Account (automatic trading)
  • Continue with signals and education (self-directed clients) 
  • Increase your investment amount
  • Take your profits and no longer continue
  • Have your net loss rebated, and no longer continue

We must stress that this offer is strictly limited and will end at our discretion.

If you consider the above rules fair and reasonable, please do begin by establishing your account, in order to ensure you’re part of the limited intake.

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