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Raw, free-flowing & unscripted — If you can handle that, then these sessions are a great way to get ahead before the ‘official’ lessons are released, and at zero cost.

the importance of quality education

Here at Investor Unity, we understand how time-consuming and difficult it is to sort through, find and validate credible sources- from the practically infinite results of online searches:

Understanding the challenges our Members face when looking for truly valuable guidance, we are very excited to – after a long time in development – launch the brand new Investor Unity Academy.

Better yet, since we’re still finalising the later, more advanced courses, you can secure your Premium Membership – for life – simply by registering now.

The IU Academy provides you with a user-friendly, structured and sequenced online learning environment- all at your fingertips, wherever you have an internet connection:

1. Enroll to the IU Academy, with a single click
2. All subject-matter is divided into four different experience levels:

  • Beginner: Are you new to the world of trading and investing?
  • Intermediate: If you’re familiar with the way things work, but want to take it to the next level- we recommend you start here.
  • Advanced: Have you been around for a while, but are keen to sharpen your skills, learn new techniques and/or diversify into different strategies?
  • Mastery: If you’re dedicated to the markets and you have the time, talent and discipline to learn the techniques of the real pros (and have zero time for gimmicks), this Level is the one to aim for.

3.Enroll to an online Academy, where you can take different courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, and assignments.
4.Select the courses applicable to your aims and experience-level.
5.Monitor your progress, and get assistance from Industry experts.
6.Be notified of new lessons and courses, as they become available.

A focus upon quality and variety:

The IU Academy is designed as a high-quality source of detailed educational material- free from all of the typical noise, clutter and misinformation – and with a strong emphasis upon maximising profit through strict risk-management principles.

Accessible even on mobile devices, courses will separately cover multiple Markets, including:

  • Equities, CFDs and ETFs
  • Currencies / Forex
  • Futures – Commodities and Financial
  • Options
  • Managed Services and Portfolio
  • Allocation methods

What’s the catch?…

If you’ve ever looked around the web, you’ll know that any one of the courses – on their own – can come with a high price-tag. Furthermore, we certainly make no promises that there won’t be charges introduced, later on…

This is an ‘earlybird’ offer- as we are still finalising the later courses. To anyone who wishes to join us now, we offer completely unrestricted access, forever.

No SPAM, no gimmicks, no salespeople chasing you… Just the best educational content we’re able to offer, delivered to you as it becomes available.

It starts with a Ten second registration

Take ten seconds to join us as a Guest Member – get access to member insights & benefits —  zero cost/obligation, and 100% nonsense-free







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