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    Welcome to the Members Live channel,

    Get started in ways:

    Option 1

    Pay for your trades only

    Our portfolio of managed strategies will be synchronised to your own separate account, adjusted to your account-size and any custom risk parameters

    Simply open an account with a preferred broker, then let us know. We’ll have you up & running the same day. No monthly membership subscription required

    Simply open an account with a preferred broker, then let us know. We’ll have you up & running the same day

    Pay an increased brokerage/commission rate for trades within your MSP-connected account

    Receive a minimum of 3 months IU VIP Membership, including all paid-membership benefits. VIP service details here

    Option 2

    Monthly VIP subscription only

    Our portfolio of managed strategies will be synchronised to your own separate account, adjusted to your account-size and any custom risk parameters

    MSP VIP Membership is charged at $25 AUD, per $5000 AUD of capital under the service, with a minimum charge of $50 AUD per month. All other VIP benefits included

    Essentially any broker with a compatible platform can be used for MSP, such as MT4/MT5, cTrader, FXCM

    Pay your broker’s standard fees only, including for trades within your MSP-connected account

    IU VIP Membership access and benefits, according to your VIP Membership type. Details here

    Unsure? We’ll call you, :

    Managed Strategy Portfolio​

    VIP (SELF-DIRECTED) services.

    General FAQs

    IU was officially formed in Sydney in 2012, by its Founder & Strategist Adam La Vars, following a financial markets career originally beginning in 2001; being licensed in Securities & Derivatives, under ASIC Regulatory Guidelines, since 2006.

    More about licensing, contact details are here.

    Our core business is in the provision of managed strategy portfolios – for those who are looking for a tailorable & reliable hands-off investment.

    For those who wish to take a hands-on approach, we provide quality-focussed analysis, alerts, education & consultancy.

    A large portion are retirees or those in preparation for. The majority of our clients seek a reliable, hands-off investment, with a focus upon long-term survivability and defensiveness. These clients prioritise risk-management, security of funds, transparency and access to cash.

    A smaller portion of our clients are more risk-assertive. For them we offer the same robust approach, but with higher risk multiples applied for greater growth potential.

    All clients benefit from quality-focussed education and updates, at least for the sake of transparency. Guest members have ongoing access to such, at no cost nor obligation.

    For clients looking for enhanced guidance, analysis and education – we offer a VIP service providing this and more.

    Despite any ASIC accreditation, we neither require nor accept (nor have any access to) client funds. Client funds are deposited directly to a partnering broker. Clients invested in a managed strategy portfolio would authorise us to connect (synchronise) their account to the master portfolio.

    Our primary partners are first-tier Australian brokers only, and are the largest and most well-established of their kinds. Client funds are held in segregated client trust accounts, under maximum protection of ASIC client money laws. Funds held by partner brokers are with top-tier Australian banks, though the client is not required to directly establish any additional bank accounts.

    In almost all cases, the broker application process is 100% digital, and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

    Once established, the client submits a short additional form, authorising us to connect their account. From this point, the client account receives orders along with the rest of the clients, according to the strategy portfolio.

    For managed accounts, there are no establishment, management, performance, subscription, data or software fees. Managed accounts pay for their trades only. Rates can vary, depending upon the broker and amount deposited. Rates typically are less than 1.5x the broker’s standard rates.

    For clients who wish to handle their own accounts, there are no markups on the standard costs charged by partnering brokers.

    For our VIP service – which is primarily for those who wish to handle their own accounts – we charge a monthly/annual subscription; although this can potentially be waived if the client chooses to use a partnering broker to place trades.

    For the sake of maximum risk-mitigation, the world’s largest and most liquid markets are favoured. This includes US equities, global equity indices, and a large focus upon major global currency markets; varying according to service type.

    The suggested minimum for the managed-account service is $10,000 (AUD/equivalent). Clients with a higher risk tolerance may start with less.

    Those looking to handle their own accounts, naturally, may start with any amount they like, according to minimums set by brokers, which can range from $500 – $10,000, depending on the broker and account-type.

    Since its inception, IU has a always had a strong belief in communicating ideas through education. By making full use of today’s technology, our commitment to the utmost possible transparency, and ongoing client-relationship development, can be maximised.

    Guest Membership access is complimentary, 100% free of:

    A) Cost
    B) Obligation
    C) Any kind of SPAM or typical guru nonsense — guaranteed

    To learn more about specifics relating to the market, approach, performance concepts, risk management and more:

    1) Contact us here – or message us in the lower-right corner
    2) Book a time to talk in detail – message in the lower-right corner
    3) Join as a Guest Member and/or for the IU Academy (free – here)

    IU MEMBER Channel archives

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    Investor Unity is genuinely interested in your long-term trading & investment success. We advise you to take all necessary steps to ensure you have a good understanding of the products & services you’re considering investing in – particularly if they involve leverage. While Investor Unity takes every care to ensure that we only deal with the highest quality services, from throughout the industry, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Other risks are also invloved, some of which are listed at, which should be read. Before making an investment or trading decision based on the general advice, the recipient should carefully consider the appropriateness of the advice in light their financial circumstances and should carefully review the PDS of the relevant financial product as provided by your investment broker. Past results are not a guarantee of future performance. Please contact us, to discuss any questions or concerns you may have- we are here to help.


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