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This page focusses upon the overall structure of the service, and outlines choices in getting started. For performance details, and more about the overall approach to the markets, please see here.

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One of the most important aspects to understand is that the MSP service is not structured as a managed fund.

IU manages a diversified portfolio of strategies across major global markets. Clients are able to establish a fully independent account, which then can be synchronised to the performance of the IU master account. More on this throughout.

For a list of comparative benefits, click to expand the below:

 IU MSP ServiceMost Managed Funds
Returns highly dependent upon positive global market/economic conditionsNoYes
Can stay completely out of the market, in times of excessive risk/uncertaintyYesNo
Can take advantage of falling marketsYesNo
24hr live transparency of account activityYesNo
Direct contact with strategist (investment decision maker)YesNo
Adjustable risk-tolerance settings availableYesNo
Conditional pause (loss/profit-protection) availableYesNo
Funds stay in liquid form, not unitsYesNo
Access to funds controlled by client, not the firmYesNo
Funds quickly accessible to clients, without restriction nor feesYesNo

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      Simple establishment and management

      Getting started is a simple matter of:

      Opening your account with with a compatible brokerage firm – see here

      • Deposit your initial investment capital – directly to your broker account
      • Complete a very brief, online authorisation form, allowing your account to be synchronised to the master portfolio

      Your account will then be receiving orders, automatically adjusted to your account-size. You can view account activity (live), statements, add/withdraw funds and more – at any time – simply by logging into your broker account.

      Simple account structures

      Rather than handing funds over to a money manager, the account and funds remain in the client’s name (or chosen entity, including SMSFs), with the partnering broker.

      No additional bank account is required. Funds remain very quickly accessible (withdrawals typically processed within 24-48 hours) to the client; without restriction, fee or penalty.

      Click the image below to learn more about our broker of choice:

      Simple fee structures, with choice

      There currently are two cost-structure models to choose from (and soon to be a third).

      NOTE: The client chooses (a single) one of the models, and can switch to a different model at any stage: 

      Performance figures, considerations and calculations

      With unnecessary hindrances and complications removed, an experienced market professional can simply focus upon minimising risk while maximising profit. The results speak for themselves.

      Details and getting-started links can be found below. The performance page contains detailed figures, calculator links and more.

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