Beyond pure returns, most Investor Unity clients seek maximum consistency and longevity through careful aversion of all unnecessary risk.

IU’s broader investment approach centres around this type of client.

Nonetheless, terms such as ‘conservative’ and ‘assertive’ are highly subjective. They are not one-size-fits-all concepts.

Therefore, the MSPV service offers a dynamically adjusted risk multiple, which aims to automatically optimise risk multiples to prevailing market conditions on a more assertive basis. 

Additionally, clients who are comfortable seeking higher returns with higher risk (in terms of growth swings) can simply apply a performance multiplier to the standard service – at a multiple of their choosing, as illustrated below.


The below comparison graph tracks the performance, since inception (July 2021) of:
  • MSPV: This is the standard/default model, considered moderate
  • MSPV 2x: This model has a 2x performance/risk multiplier, and is considered assertive
  • MSPV 0.5x: This model runs at half of the performance/risk multiple of the standard, and is considered conservative
  • The ASX200 Total Return index (XNT). This index tracks the growth of the top 200 Australian shares – with dividends included.
  • The S&P500 index, which naturally includes dividends. The below assumes USDAUD currency-risk was fully protected (hedged).
Figures are updated at the start of each month, based upon the value your investment could be closed at. Past performance is not an assurance of future returns. Be sure to consider your personal circumstances and consult your adviser as necessary.
By clicking the items at the bottom of the graph you can include or exclude them, for better perspective.

MSP employs a dynamically adapted approach, as a single-account investment.

MSP aims to steadily outperform traditional funds, with reduced drawdown (by duration and amount), freely withdrawable gains, and near-zero reliance upon a positive, global economic climate.


MSPV employs the same strategy as MSP; with performance multiplied typically by 1x to 3x, through larger individual trade sizes.

Performance here is based upon MSPV at a 2x multiple; intended for consideration by those comfortable with higher growth swings and higher risk in general.


Note: The above automatically reports the MSP results from a third-party verifier.
Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, and is presented for general advice purposes only. Individual account results may differ with varying fees etc. IU standard fees for the previous financial year approximately totalled 2.3%. Figures shown above for MSPV-2x are NET of all fees.



Since inception, the core strategy has generated greater returns than the share market, with:

  • Greater month-by-month consistency
  • Less risk, as measured by portfolio volatility (‘drawdown’)
  • Greater insulation against market/global crises
  • Active downside risk management

Note: ‘Drawdown’ is the term for a decrease in an account/investment value (peak to trough). For example, the Australian share market experienced a near 40% drawdown in 2020.

Diversification FROM global economic conditions

Continued performance of the approach is not dependent upon a positive market environment:
  • Equity market and broader geo-political turmoil has had little to no negative impact
  • Rising, falling and sideways markets alike represent opportunity in varying degrees

For these reasons, we consider MSP to offer the benefit of true diversification, as global share markets are highly correlated, and most portfolios are simply diversified across varying company types and sectors.

An expanded video explanation of the above and more can be viewed in the live webinar recording.


IU’s core service is MSP (Managed Strategy Portfolio). Those seeking a tailorable & reliable investment are able to establish a fully independent brokerage account, separately from IU, with funds secured through National Australia Bank, which then can be synchronised to the managed portfolio.

For more regular updates on performance and more, be sure to join as a Guest Member (instant, free forever).


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For more details see the MSP service fact-sheet and more, below.

  • Strong growth: +350%, since beginning in April 2016
  • Past and future growth potential independent of positive share market conditions
  • Low risk vs return, which can be tailored to the client’s preference
  • Full, 24/7, real-time transparency
  • No setup, management, nor ongoing service fees. Clients pay for their trades only
  • Client funds secured via a segregated client trust account (with National Australia Bank), backed by 30 years in business, under ASIC regulations
  • No minimum term commitment. Clients have unrestricted access to their account and can withdraw funds, partially or fully, at any stage

Managed Strategy Portfolio – core strategy details (standard settings)
Minimum initial deposit5000 AUD
Suggested minimum initial deposit10000 AUD
Setup fee0
Monthly fee0
Performance fee0
Management fee0
Largest single loss2.20%
Largest account decrease (‘drawdown’)24.7% (Apr. 2017, former strategy)
Brokerage fee on $10k shares trade$15 (no min. fee)
Brokerage fee on $10k non-shares trade$0.65 (no min. fee)
Segregated client trust accountNational Australia Bank
Funds accessible toClient only
Minimum term commitmentNone
Withdrawal feeNone
Security of deposits+30 years in business, ASIC-regulated
Ongoing transparency24/7 account access

IU MSP ServiceMost Managed Funds
Returns highly dependent upon positive global market/economic conditionsNoYes
Can stay completely out of the market, in times of excessive risk/uncertaintyYesNo
Can take advantage of falling marketsYesNo
24hr live transparency of account activityYesNo
Direct contact with strategist (investment decision maker)YesNo
Adjustable risk-tolerance settings availableYesNo
Conditional pause (loss/profit-protection) availableYesNo
Funds stay in liquid form, not unitsYesNo
Access to funds controlled by client, not the firmYesNo
Funds quickly accessible to clients, without restriction nor feesYesNo

IU was officially formed in Sydney in 2012, by its Founder & Strategist Adam La Vars, being licensed in Securities & Derivatives, under ASIC Regulatory Guidelines since 2006.

Our core business is the development and ongoing refinement of strategies for our Managed Strategy Portfolio service (MSP), which intended for consideration by those seeking a tailorable & reliable, long-term investment.

Since inception, our approach has not only weathered all major market turmoil and equities market ‘crashes’, but has provided our clients a far smoother growth curve than typical, off-the-shelf funds.

By industry standards, we consider our approach conservative, and assure clients that they can (at minimum) expect precise risk controls – along with an investment which provides true diversification, having no reliance upon a positive economic environment.

Nonetheless, terms such as ‘conservative’ and ‘aggressive’ are highly subjective; being specific to the individual client.

Therefore, MSP can be employed at tailored performance levels. This allows a client to simply request a higher/lower level, which thereby increases/decreases both their risk and reward potential (without changing the strategy itself).

Custom settings can be adjusted at any stage, with many clients preferring simply to begin at moderate/conservative levels.

A large portion are retirees or those nearing. Most clients prioritise risk-management, security of funds, transparency and access to cash withdrawals.

For the sake of transparency and ongoing updates, live and archived education is provided to all Members, with Guest membership being free and open to all.

Despite any ASIC accreditation, we have no access to client funds. Client funds are deposited directly to a partnering broker.

Clients authorise the connection of their account to the master portfolio, for synchronisation purposes only. This does not provide access to client funds, under any circumstances.

Our primary partners are top-tier brokers only, holding client funds in segregated client trust accounts, under maximum protection of ASIC client money laws.

In most cases, the broker application process is 100% digital, and takes some 15 minutes to complete.

Once established, the client submits a short additional form, authorising us to connect their account. From this point, the client account receives buy/sell orders according to the strategy portfolio.

MSP has no establishment, management, subscription, data or software fees. MSP clients pay for their trades only. Rates can vary, depending upon the broker, but are less than 1.5x the broker’s standard rates.

For the sake of optimal risk-mitigation, the world’s largest and most liquid markets are favoured. This includes US equities, global equity indices, and a large focus upon major global currency markets.

The suggested minimum for the Managed Strategy Portfolio service is $5,000 (AUD/equivalent).

Since its inception, IU has a always had a strong belief in communicating ideas through education. By making full use of today’s technology, our commitment to the utmost possible transparency, and ongoing client-relationship development, can be maximised.

To remind and be clear – IU Membership is free of:

A) Cost
B) Obligation
C) Any kind of SPAM or typical guru nonsense — guaranteed

To learn more about specifics relating to the market, approach, performance concepts, risk management and more:

1) Contact us here – or message us in the lower-right corner
2) Book a time to talk in detail – message in the lower-right corner
3) Join as a Guest Member and/or for the IU Academy (free – here)

secured deposits, separate account structure

Each client account is fully separate, with funds secured through National Australia Bank. No National Australia Bank account required. SMSF compatible.

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There currently are two cost-structure models to choose. The client chooses (a single) one of the models, and can switch to a different model at any stage:

Option 1: Pay for your trades only. A mark-up is applied to the broker’s standard costs:

For Shares CFDs: 0.15% of the trade value (no minimum fee)

Example: A trade on Google, to the value of $10,000 AUD, would incur a total brokerage cost of $30 AUD ($15 entry + $15 exit)

For non-Shares CFDs: 13 points, in the underlying currency equivalent (no minimum fee)

Example: A trade on AUDUSD, to the value of $10,000 AUD, would incur a total commission cost of $1.30 AUD ($0.65 entry + $0.65 exit)

This model (Option 1) requires an account with a broker that IU is partnered with.

Option 2: Pay a quarterly subscription only. Pay your broker’s standard costs only.

The subscription cost is based upon the size of your account.

For this option, a subscription will need to be purchased. Please note that this model is slightly more expensive than Option 1, though offers the benefits of capped fees, and wider choice of brokers.

Any compatible broker can be used, as long as they offer a MT4/5, cTrader, or Trading Station platform.

Getting started is relatively simple:

  1.  Open your account with a compatible brokerage firm
  2.  Deposit your initial investment capital – directly to your broker account
  3. Complete a brief online authorisation form, allowing your account to be synchronised to the master portfolio

Your account will then be receiving orders, instantly and automatically. You can view account activity (live), statements, add/withdraw funds and more – simply by logging into your online account.


Instantly create your free Guest Membership. Access all:
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