This page focusses upon IU’s Managed Strategy Portfolio service (MSP). Though much of the same, essential concepts and principles apply to our other services, as part of our overall approach to the markets.

Key points herein

  • The overall approach to gain vs risk potential
  • Understanding tailorable performance/risk
  • Primary currencies-strategy performance example
  • Understanding combined portfolio results
  • The suggested minimum investment is 10,000 AUD – those who deposit less should be aware that their profit/loss may, at times, still be equivalent to an account with this amount


Returns/profit/growth (with any investment) should always be considered in risk-relative terms. In other words: rather than just looking at the returns, the question of how much risk was taken to achieve them should always be considered. This is crucial in determining a strategy’s long-term reliability/longevity.

For this reason we employ strategies considered fundamentally solid, and with a generally conservative risk tolerance applied to them. Clients who wish to aim for higher returns can simply request that we apply a higher risk setting, to the same underlying strategy/s.

In summary

Strategies are chosen based upon their strong history of returns – relative to their risk potential. This is primarily measured in net growth, relative to total loss tolerance/potential (‘drawdown’).

We suggest clients be willing to tolerate a drawdown (decrease in account value) of approximately half of their total annual growth target.

For example: If a client is targeting a 30% annual return, they would be prepared to tolerate a 15% drawdown amount; even if it may only occur once every few years.

While all figures are live (not hypothetical), past performance is not an assurance of future returns. We strongly suggest you get in touch, to ensure you understand the concepts covered herein, particularly in terms of how they may apply to your own account’s capital amount and risk settings.

Understanding the approach

Beyond pure returns, Investor Unity clients seek maximum consistency and longevity through careful aversion of all unnecessary risk. Our overall approach is a conservative and defensive one, with periods of exceptional volatility simply avoided. IU’s approach is completely market agnostic. Opportunities are sought where they are, rather than where we want them to be. The world’s largest markets are focussed upon, as they provide greater precision and flexibility of risk-management.

Understanding tailorable risk/performance: The 'Multiplier' option

In short: Terms such as “conservative” and “risky” are not not one-size-fits-all concepts. Clients therefore can nominate their desired level of risk, if they wish for something other than the default level (which is relatively conservative).

This can be applied at the beginning and/or adjusted, at any stage, according to client preference.

Naturally, higher growth potential equates to higher loss potential. An example of performance/risk figures are below (1x = standard/default).

These were taken from strategy inception (April 2016) to 24th of June 2021:

Standard risk-settings see just ~1% account-risk allocation, per market position. Nonetheless, some clients prefer either a more aggressive or (in some cases) an even more conservative approach.

As such, a unique benefit of the Managed Strategy Portfolio service is that performance/risk potential is tailorable and adjustable at any stage. This means that clients can tailor risk-preferences, upon joining the service, and also have us adjust it for them – at any stage – as simply as by calling or sending an email.

A relative performance calculator can be found below – click Portfolio Performance Calculator. This allows for historical performance calculations, based upon:

  1. Initial-deposit-size
  2. Desired risk setting
  3. Your total investment portfolio considerations

  • Live-session excerpt explanation
  • Further explanation

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Additional capital-preservation measures and considerations

  • Dynamic strategy risk-allocation adjustment/diversification
  • Emergency Stop-Losses on Master account
  • Maximum 30% strategy pause (close & stop) on Master account
  • Discretionary management, monitoring and override; particularly during news events and low-clarity/erratic periods; including dynamic re-balancing across strategies in the portfolio

Raw, live historical performance figures

Below are performance-history examples of two Primary strategies. Figures provided are live-traded, in raw , individualised format. For a more accurate projection of combined-strategy performance, i.e. within the Managed Strategy Portfolio, please see the calculator tool at the below:

Primary currencies strategy example - raw performance data

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