Continued growth throughout uncertainty
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Strategy growth remains stable & consistent, despite market uncertainty

While global equity markets have been volatile at best, MSP has continued to deliver stable & solid returns.

For those who seek a tailorable, reliable, hands-off investment with a solid history of outperformance, including the current financial year to date.

MSP (Managed Strategy Portfolio) is a brokerage-only service. Clients pay only for their executed trades; with no setup nor periodic fees.

Importantly: Due to its ability to capture both rising and falling markets, it has no dependence upon economic conditions. Beyond pure growth, this provides actual diversification from traditional approaches.

Furthermore, year-to-date results have been produced with reduced risk exposure.

Client accounts are established independently; providing 24/7 transparency and unrestricted access.

Accounts are secured through Westpac, along with +30 years in business under the strictest ASIC regulations, with SMSF compatibility.

The minimum investment is $5,000 AUD, with $10,000 being the suggested minimum; for the sake of better risk mitigation.

Recent portfolio growth:

(July 2021 - present)

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Other quick figures on MSP:

Months of live trading
Security of funds (segregated)
ASIC regulation, +30 year history
Average monthly return
Percentage of trades profitable
Tailorable performance/risk
Total return (net)
Largest single loss
Setup fee
Monthly fee

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Further details and learning:

At IU, we take an education-first approach, with the aim of assisting the client make a clear and logical, facts-based decision for themselves.

IU does not employ Salespeople. At no point will you be contacted in an attempt to rush any decision.

In addition to the short intro video, the main MSP webpage (as above) includes long-term statistics, FAQs, access to a full-length webinar recording and more.

Clients are encouraged to explore the site at their own pace. Upcoming live events and more can be accessed via the Members Homepage.

Both general support and accredited specialists are available to further clarify, as needed.


Guest access to information/resources is simple, instant & zero cost/obligation

Access live charts & research, tools, live-stream sessions (webinars) & more. No multiple registrations required.

For any questions or clarifications, live-chat is available on the site, and direct contacts are below.

Investor Unity Pty Ltd
Level 36, Governor Phillip Tower. 1 Farrer place, Sydney, NSW 2000

IU·com·au | 02 9101 1931 

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