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Please note that Interbank One is now using its parent branding (Fondex). This only affects appearance, all other details remain the same.

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Service Overview

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Introducing a brand new service from Investor Unity, to broaden our scope beyond FX.

While currencies will remain a major focus, this new service allows clients to:

▸ Access additional markets – including equities and even crypto (for those
     with the risk/reward appetite) – via a single account

▸ Use separate or combined market strategies

▸ Implement individual capital-allocation and risk controls, according to                      market preference and risk tolerance

Try before you invest — a unique aspect of this new service is that a full-featured managed demo account is possible:

▸ No application process required to try (just let us know)
▸ Everything is real except the money in the account (demo funds only)
▸ Receive the same trades as the live clients, to see things working for yourself

Your time and focus is appreciated. 

If there is anything we can do to help you further evaluate this and other opportunities, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thanks again,

Adam La Vars

02 8007 4440
Skype: Investor.Unity

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