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  1. The Australian population is considered to be (per-capita), more heavily invested in managed funds- than any other nation. Leaving aside (for now), all of the restrictions and complications of managed funds, another major weakness can be found in the fact that the most of these managed funds are limited to investing, exclusively, in the Australian share market.

While most Australian-equity-market investors have been left dissatisfied, with the returns of recent years (especially when considering the performance of foreign markets), many are still unaware of the fact that the average Australian managed fund does little more than match the performance of the Australian market, as a whole (we have statistics showing exactly this). In other words, the statistics would indicate that it’s almost to-be-expected…

In other words, while it may seem easy to simply stick with what’s familiar- it could also be very costly. If for no other reason than considering the all-too-often overlooked opportunity cost.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to achieving the right balance between:

  1. The ideal level of involvement/effort required of you, the client (according to your own preferences)
  2. The lowest level of risk
  3. The highest returns
  4. The greatest consistency (i.e. are you looking to draw a regular income, or are you simply looking for the best medium to long-term growth).

As fortunate as we are, as Australians, we can’t forget that we’re a relatively small part of the bigger and as such:

  1. Online broker make it incredibly easy to access global markets
  2. There are markets several times larger than all of the world’s equities markets combined
  3. The Australian share market is very, very heavily influenced by larger markets
  4. Australian equity markets are but a fraction of the global economy

Therefore, there are certain questions that need be asked of oneself:

  • Am I simply staying with what I know?
  • Have I given proper consideration to alternatives?
  • Have I properly mitigated my risk through diversification?
  • Have I let lack of knowledge/fear-of-the-unknown prevent me from getting the most from the markets?

With a wide range of trading and investment products available to retail traders these days it can be more confusing than ever to decide which are right for you. It is however important to understand that finding the right market, or combination of markets, can very often lead to a far more rewarding experience- both personally and financially.

Key Considerations:

Compare products: Choose the right markets for you

An overview of the most widely traded financial instruments:
market product comparison table nrs4bf

Where to from here?..

The simple truth is that, even if we look at the most tumultuous market conditions of the past, there have always been those who have not only survived- but thrived. Unfortunately, yet understandably, far too many simply become either:

  1. Overwhelmed with information
  2. Confused by misinformation
  3. Discouraged by the lack of independent guidance
  4. Lose motivation and give up, due to a combination of the above

However, this simply doesn’t need to be the case…

The global economy is rich and diverse, and as lucky as we are as Australians, the big picture is not just far more interesting overall – but there to be participated in.

(See interactive visualisation, below — click to drag around and select individual countries)

“My greatest discovery was that a man must study general conditions, to size them so as to be able to anticipate probabilities.” -Jesse Livermore

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