A quick overview

Key summary points:

  • The MSP service, provided by IU, requires a suitable broker account
  • IU’s preferred broker is Fusion Markets
  • Funding is secured through Westpac Bank Australia (Westpac account not required)
  • Once your Fusion account is established, it can then be connected to the MSP service; via a short online authorisation form

Relevant steps and links are below.

Note for SMSF clients: SMSF applications use a separate form — after completing Step 1, please use the form linked via the button below (or this link)


  1. Complete the online-application process, to establish your account with our partnering broker

  2. Transfer funds directly to your newly-established account

  3. Complete a short, online-authorisation form in order to connect your account to the Managed Strategy Portfolio service

At this point the setup is fully complete. You will receive an email to confirm that your account will be receiving buy/sell orders, from this point forward.

You retain 24/7 access to real-time activity on your account, and can deposit and withdraw funds as you please.

Or proceed directly to application, below: