Market Telegrams – Be Informed, Be First

In addition to email and website-posts, a key aspect of Crossroads Focus Signals are the app-based alerts. The ultimate purpose of these ‘Telegrams’ is efficiency, allowing for fast response to market developments and opportunities, with minimal distraction.

Educational & general updates are also provided, along with the signals themselves, and can be accessed here (this includes a quick video-lessonat the Investor Unity Members page.

For this our Members use a very simple, very fast and reliable (free) app, which operates on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones – along with both desktop and web versions – all of which instantly sync with each other.

In summary:

  1. Setting up is extremely easy, taking minutes only
  2. Once done, there’s nothing more to do
  3. Operation is as simple as any basic messaging app — simpler than email

Before being emailed or posted online, all pertinent alerts & updates first appear as a quick message, sent to all relevant Members, as soon as they’re generated and confirmed by IU.

Furthermore, some alerts & updates will only be sent as Telegram alerts, and won’t be emailed or posted online.

Find out more, gain access or contact us here or at the below:

It starts with a Ten second registration

Take ten seconds to join us as an IU Member – get access to member education & benefits —  zero cost/obligation, and 100% nonsense-free