Education & Coaching

e-university, private/group coaching

With a strict no-nonsense approach, VIP Members enjoy the benefits of our decades of experience:

  • One-to-one coaching & consultation
  • Small-group, interactive sessions — voice (speak to the group) optional
  • Live market trading sessions – follow our trades on your own account, or watch us trade yours/clients’
  • Comprehensive, structured lessons – track and record your progress

Analysis & Signals

Top-tier insights only

Direct from the IU Trading desk, VIP Members benefit from the same level of insights provided to HNW investors, as well as institutional partners.


  • Email and SMS analysis and market recommendations (local & global)
  • Actionable portfolio strategies and investment ideas
  • Niche-market methodologies

Custom Strategies

DEVELOPMENT, testing & refinement

According to your expertise, general preference and goals, receive:

  • Custom trade execution services
  • Reduced brokerage
  • Account credit/bonuses and capital protection

On an initial and ongoing basis, we’ll discuss with you – by phone, online coaching and email – just where you are, where you may be looking to improve, and how we can help you achieve maximum results with minimum possible stress, risk and time-commitment.

Know where you’re at to know where you’re going – to know how to get there.


Limited offer for all new VIPs

Typically exclusive to VIP Black Members only. Forget pulling your hair out over any of the tech — we will:

  • Set up a one-on-one screenshare, connecting to your own computer
  • Install any necessary platforms and tools
  • Make sure you know how to use it well enough to be well & truly on your way
  • Provide VIP support when you need extra help

IN-depth, bespoke support

As-needed & by appointment

Not every request falls within a particuclar category. The reality is that, when dealing with markets, tech, brokers, mental focus and more – some things simply require a little special attention.

Being able to call upon this, in such times it’s really needed, can be a huge saver of time and effort – and very likely help your bottom-line results.

VIP events & discounts

Exclusive insights, rates & more

According to your expertise, general preference and goals, receive:

  • Special VIP-only event (online and in-person) invites
  • Custom trade execution services
  • Reduced brokerage
  • Account credit/bonuses and capital protection

Costs & getting started



Passive signals




*Based on 37.5% annual-rate discount- or $80 monthly



Passive+active signals


VIP Premium


* Based on *25% annual-rate discount- or $120 monthly

Enhanced education


All signals + perks




* Based on 40% annual-rate discount- or $250 monthly

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