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IU’s Managed Strategy Portfolio is not a managed fund. This is a good thing. 

  IU Managed Service Most Managed Funds
Positive returns almost solely dependent upon positive global market/economic conditions No Yes
Can stay completely out of the market, in times of excessive risk/uncertainty Yes No
Can take advantage of global markets Yes No
Can take advantage of falling markets Yes No
24hr live transparency of market & trading acitivity Yes No
Direct contact with trading decision maker Yes No
Adjustable risk-tolerance settings available Yes No
Only the world’s largest, most liquid, most stable markets are traded Yes No
Account trading-pause/profit-protection available Yes No
Funds stay in cash, not purchased units Yes No
Ultimate authority over funds stays with the client, not the firm Yes No
Funds are almost immediately accessible to clients, at any stage, without restriction and without fees Yes No

Managed funds, typically, operate with:

  • Complex vehicle structures
  • Complex fee structures
  • Low transparency
  • Slow and/or restricted access to cash
  • Pooled funds
  • Extensive restrictions placed upon the fund manager; limiting their abilities both to more effectively control risk and capture opportunities
  • Performance which, on average, over time, simply matches or underperforms the broad market itself
However, in the case of IU Managed Strategy Portfolio:



Simple account structures

  • An independent account is established with a major brokerage firm
  • Account and funds remain in the client’s name (or chosen entity, including SMSFs)
  • Funds remain very quickly accessible (withdrawals typically processed within 24-48 hours) to the client; without restriction, fee or penalty 

Simple establishment:

  • Establish an account with a partnering brokerage firm (individual, company, trust or SMSF), in the exact same way as if you were going to be managing it yourself
  • Deposit your initial capital, directly to your broker account
  • Authorise Investor Unity to connect your account to the strategy’s master account (30 second electronic form)

Simple fee structures

  • Most operate with a brokerage-only model, others with a simple monthly subscription as part of the IU VIP service; packaged with signals, education and more (see below)
  • There are no establishment, cancellation fees or time-commitment conditions

Control and transparency

  • Clients can log into their account, at any time, from any device
  • Account balance, trade-placements and much more can all be viewed live; as they occur (real time)
  • Direct communication with and detailed updates from the strategy manager
  • Fast access to online withdrawal facilities


  • Receive daily activity-report emails
  • Log in to view your account, any time (real-time view)
  • Print statements/ generate reports, as necessary
  • Add & withdraw funds, as you prefer


With unnecessary hindrances and complications removed, an experienced market professional can simply focus upon minimising risk while maximising profit. The results speak for themselves.

Details and getting-started links can be found below.

Get started in ways:

Option 1

Pay for your trades only

Our portfolio of managed strategies will be synchronised to your own separate account, adjusted to your account-size and any custom risk parameters

Simply open an account with a preferred broker, then let us know. We’ll have you up & running the same day. No monthly membership subscription required

Simply open an account with a preferred broker, then let us know. We’ll have you up & running the same day

Pay an increased brokerage/commission rate for trades within your MSP-connected account

Receive a minimum of 3 months IU VIP Membership, including all paid-membership benefits. VIP service details here

Option 2

Monthly VIP subscription only

Our portfolio of managed strategies will be synchronised to your own separate account, adjusted to your account-size and any custom risk parameters

MSP VIP Membership is charged at $25 AUD, per $5000 AUD of capital under the service, with a minimum charge of $50 AUD per month. All other VIP benefits included

Essentially any broker with a compatible platform can be used for MSP, such as MT4/MT5, cTrader, FXCM

Pay your broker’s standard fees only, including for trades within your MSP-connected account

IU VIP Membership access and benefits, according to your VIP Membership type. Details here

“You need patience, discipline, and an ability to take losses and adversity without going crazy.” – Charlie Munger

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