Beyond pure returns, Investor Unity clients seek maximum consistency and longevity through careful aversion of all unnecessary risk.

This page focusses upon IU’s Managed Strategy Portfolio service (MSP). Though much of the same, essential concepts and principles apply to our other services, as part of our overall approach to the markets.

This page is intended to provide key performance figures and overview concepts. More advanced concepts and details, along with a portfolio calculator, are available here.



Since its inception in early 2016, the core strategy has generated greater returns than the share market, with:

  • Greater month-by-month consistency
  • Less risk, as measured by portfolio volatility (‘drawdown’)
  • Greater insulation against market/global crises

Note: ‘Drawdown’ is the term for a decrease in account/portfolio value. For example, the Australian share market experienced a near 40% drawdown in 2020.

Diversification and dependence upon share market and global economic conditions:

Continued performance of the approach is not dependent upon positive market environment: 

  • The service aims to take advantage of both rising and falling markets
  • Since inception, it has not suffered from market ‘crashes
  • For this reason, we consider it to offer the benefit of ‘true diversification’, as most portfolios are simply diversified across varying company types and sectors


Terms such as ‘conservative’ and ‘risky’ are not not one-size-fits-all concepts.

One person’s risky is another’s conservative, and vice versa.

MSP clients therefore can request for what’s known as a ‘multiplier to be applied to their account.

By default, all clients receive the standard settings. Standard = 1x, meaning that the client receives the standard (‘non-multiplied’) performance of the Managed Strategy Portfolio.

Very simply:

The client can – at any stage – request a higher or lower multiplier. For example, if the client:

  • Has $100,000 in their account, but:
  • Requests a multiplier of 2x, then;
  • The client would receive the same performance (profit & loss) as a client with $200,000 in their account

Naturally, higher growth potential equates to higher loss potential. 


  • Multiplier settings can be adjusted at any stage, simply by sending an email
  • Lower multipliers also can be set, such as 0.5x, with which the client would expect both performance and risk to be halved
  • Examples of standard and tailored performance are in the below snapshot

(Click below image to open video version in new tab)

An expanded video explanation of the above and more can be found on the advanced performance concepts page, as an excerpt from a recent live webinar recording.

Further points on performance, MSP and more:

Managed Strategy Portfolio – core strategy details (standard settings)Last updated: 03/01/22
Months of live trading69
Third-party-verified returnsYes
Average monthly return (non-compounded)2.22%
Percentage of trades profitable78.50%
Average number of trades per day0.86
Total return352%
Largest single loss2.20%
Largest account decrease (‘drawdown’)24.7% (April 2017)
Minimum initial deposit5000 AUD
Suggested minimum initial deposit10000 AUD
Setup fee0
Monthly fee0
Performance fee0
Management fee0
Brokerage fee on $10k shares trade$15 (no min. fee)
Brokerage fee on $10k non-shares trade$6.5 (no min. fee)
Segregated client trust accountWestpac
Funds accessible toClient only
Minimum term commitmentNone
Withdrawal feeNone
Funds custodian time in business30 years, ASIC-regulated
Ongoing transparency24/7 account access

IU MSP ServiceMost Managed Funds
Returns highly dependent upon positive global market/economic conditionsNoYes
Can stay completely out of the market, in times of excessive risk/uncertaintyYesNo
Can take advantage of falling marketsYesNo
24hr live transparency of account activityYesNo
Direct contact with strategist (investment decision maker)YesNo
Adjustable risk-tolerance settings availableYesNo
Conditional pause (loss/profit-protection) availableYesNo
Funds stay in liquid form, not unitsYesNo
Access to funds controlled by client, not the firmYesNo
Funds quickly accessible to clients, without restriction nor feesYesNo

IU was officially formed in Sydney in 2012, by its Founder & Strategist Adam La Vars, following a financial markets career originally beginning in 2001; being licensed in Securities & Derivatives, under ASIC Regulatory Guidelines, since 2006.

Our core business is in the provision of managed strategy portfolios – for those who are looking for a tailorable & reliable hands-off investment.

For those who wish to take a hands-on approach, we provide quality-focussed analysis, alerts, education & consultancy.

For the Managed Strategy Portfolio service:

By industry standards, we consider our approach to be very conservative. Our approach has avoided all major market turmoil and equities market ‘crashes’, since inception.

Ultimately, while we cannot control whether markets provide sufficient opportunities for continued profit – we can control risk, very precisely.

As such, we assure clients that they an expect very highly controlled downside risk, with strategic exposure to profit, as an absolute minimum.

Nonetheless, terms such as ‘conservative’ and ‘aggressive’ are extremely subjective; being very much personal and specific to the individual client.

Therefore, this conservative, stability-focused approach can be employed at tailored levels on any client account. This allows a client to simply request a higher/lower level, thereby increasing/decreasing both their risk and reward potential – without changing the actual approach/strategy.

Any custom setting can be adjusted at any stage, with many clients preferring simply to begin at default moderate/conservative levels.

For self-directed clients (VIP Reports subscribers):

Most opportunities shared with VIP clients are based upon the analysis and decision-making-processes employed within the Managed Strategy Portfolio. VIP clients can then employ them at the risk levels they wish, on their own account/s.

From time to time, opportunities in the VIP Reports service will be higher risk:reward – beyond the levels employed in the Managed Strategy Portfolio. Additional emphasis upon the risk:reward considerations will be given, for these types of opportunities.

A large portion are retirees or those in preparation for. The majority of our clients seek a reliable, hands-off investment, with a focus upon long-term survivability and defensiveness. These clients prioritise risk-management, security of funds, transparency and access to cash.

A smaller portion of our clients are more risk-assertive. For them we offer the same robust approach, but with higher risk multiples applied for greater growth potential.

All clients benefit from quality-focussed education and updates, at least for the sake of transparency. Guest members have ongoing access to such, at no cost nor obligation.

For clients looking for enhanced guidance, analysis and education – we offer a VIP service providing this and more.

Despite any ASIC accreditation, we neither require nor accept (nor have any access to) client funds. Client funds are deposited directly to a partnering broker. Clients invested in a managed strategy portfolio would authorise us to connect (synchronise) their account to the master portfolio.

Our primary partners are first-tier Australian brokers only, and are the largest and most well-established of their kinds. Client funds are held in segregated client trust accounts, under maximum protection of ASIC client money laws. Funds held by partner brokers are with top-tier Australian banks, though the client is not required to directly establish any additional bank accounts.

In almost all cases, the broker application process is 100% digital, and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once established, the client submits a short additional form, authorising us to connect their account. From this point, the client account receives orders along with the rest of the clients, according to the strategy portfolio.

For the Managed Strategy Portfolio, there are no establishment, management, performance, subscription, data or software fees. Managed-Strategy-Portfolio service accounts pay for their trades only. Rates can vary, depending upon the broker and amount deposited. Rates typically are less than 1.5x the broker’s standard rates.

Update: IU now offers a choice of cost-structures, in addition to the above. See MSP page for details.

Clients who wish to handle their own accounts simply pay the standard costs (no IU mark-ups), as charged by partnering brokers.

For our VIP service – which is primarily for those who wish to handle their own accounts – we charge a monthly/annual subscription; although this can potentially be waived if the client chooses to use a partnering broker for their trading.

For the sake of maximum risk-mitigation, the world’s largest and most liquid markets are favoured. This includes US equities, global equity indices, and a large focus upon major global currency markets; varying according to service type.

The suggested minimum for the Managed Strategy Portfolio service is $10,000 (AUD/equivalent).

Clients with a higher risk tolerance may start with less; with the understanding that their account may, at times, experience the same profit/loss fluctuations as a $10,000 account.

Those looking to handle their own accounts, naturally, may start with any amount they like, according to minimums set by brokers, which can range from $500 – $10,000, depending on the broker and account-type.

Since its inception, IU has a always had a strong belief in communicating ideas through education. By making full use of today’s technology, our commitment to the utmost possible transparency, and ongoing client-relationship development, can be maximised.

Guest Membership access is complimentary, 100% free of:

A) Cost
B) Obligation
C) Any kind of SPAM or typical guru nonsense — guaranteed

To learn more about specifics relating to the market, approach, performance concepts, risk management and more:

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Getting started is a simple matter of:

▸ Opening your account with with a compatible brokerage firm

 Depositing your initial investment capital – directly to your broker account

 Complete a very brief, online authorisation form, allowing your account to be synchronised to the master portfolio

Your account will then be receiving orders, instantly and automatically. You can view account activity (live), statements, add/withdraw funds and more – simply by logging into your online account. 


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