Investor Unity Performance Overview

Beyond pure returns, Investor Unity clients seek maximum consistency and longevity through careful aversion of all unnecessary risk.

Our overall approach is a conservative and defensive one, with high-risk events and periods of exceptional potential volatility simply avoided. Unlike traditional managed funds, IU is not averse to simply staying out of the market, in cash, during times of unfavourable levels of uncertainty (i.e. risk vs reward).

Standard risk-settings see just ~1% account-risk allocation, per trade, to only the world’s largest (with liquidity ensuring better risk-management potential) markets. Nonetheless, some clients prefer either a more aggressive or (in some cases) an even more conservative approach.

As such, a key and very unique benefit of our Managed Service is its adjustable risk settings; meaning that clients can not just tailor to their risk-preferences, upon joining the service, but they can also have us adjust it for them – at any stage – as simply as by calling or sending an email.

A detailed performance-report calculator can be found in the (free) Member’s site. This allows for historical performance calculations, based upon:

  1. Initial-deposit-size
  2. Desired risk setting.

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